The Climate Herald aims to communicate the science behind the climate crisis and demystify the necessary information around it. It is focused specifically on Central and Southeastern Europe (with an initial emphasis on N. Macedonia). Available in both Macedonian and in English, it is a repository of valuable information and analysis which outline the reality of the crisis, going into the practicalities of the issue and how it affects the different aspects of lives in Central and Southeastern Europe.

The Climate Herald is developed by Simona Getova and JD Farrugia. They have years of experience in the environmental and social justice sectors through research, campaigning, organising, training, consultancy, and project management. They have worked on and coordinated projects within the three sectors (civic, governmental, and private) related to climate change, energy, conservation, fisheries management, and environmental communications, in multiple countries including N. Macedonia, Malta, Sweden, Hungary, USA, Costa Rica, as well as many pan-European projects.

Latest articles:

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